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Liebster Blog Award

Assalamualaikum and hello! Today I've got the award from Miss Unknown, that known as a Liebster Blog Award.. Then, now I want to show my answers about it! Thanks to her because give me an award..

Firstly, I want to share ONLY 11 things about me..

  1. I really love and love my mom, dad, also my brothers and sister.
  2. I'm a sensitive person, with what they are talking or doing something.
  3. A feminine girl, and quite shy person.
  4. I love novel, really really love, which about L.O.V.E cause it can give me some knowledge bout marriage. :)
  5. My friends called me PINK PANTHER, the reason is a SECRET! 
  6. I do not like TEMPE & SOY BEAN, it is a kind of food. When I smell it, in my mind I just want to run from the smell.
  7. My aspiration is to be a lecturer in giving knowledge to the youth and others.
  8. I love to share my problems or something else with my sister.
  9. My sweet memories are when with my friends (time school) at Cameron Highlands, are still in my mind!
  10. I had around 10 best friends forever (BFF) in my life!
  11. I am still waiting for my future husband! Haha.. :)
Questions from Miss Unknown :

   1. What your friends thought about you?
   2. What's your weird habits or attitudes?
   3. What makes you cry?
   4. Have you been in awkward+ashamed circumference? What it is?
   5. What type of your prince charming?
   6. What things that you really hate?
   7. Have you like other country? What's the attractions?
   8. What's your favorite type of drama? Give hero's name that you like the most.
   9. What is/are your talent?
  10. What type of superpower that you want? Why?
  11. What things that you really want to learn?

My answers :

  1. They were said that I'm a funny girl, that can do something weird.
  2. I'm a person that easily get mad at people for no reasons.
  3. When my hearts were wounded!
  4. Yup! I have been in awkward situation, it is when people glare towards me on every seconds!
  5. Of course he has Dimple ! Loving person, always concern towards me, and especially he obey on messenger of Allah and his parents!
  6. The things that I really hate is a guy that have hot headed as trait.
  7. Australia because I want to hug baby panda and koala bear. I also want to see kangaroo with my own eyes.
  8. I mostly love Twilight and the hero is Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson.
  9. My friends said I'm good at dancing and my smile is the sweetest.
  10. I hope I have a superpower that can read others people mind so, I can know what they are thinking and what they are going to say. 
  11. I want to learn playing piano and ice skating.  

So, that's all and thanks for read my post! 

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